Kick Your Metabolism Into Gear Over Winter

Kick Your Metabolism Into Gear Over Winter

Half way through the year and the urge to slow down all those healthy habits from the summer months is understandable. Give these helpful little tricks a try, to keep your metabolism moving all year round.

1. A glass of cold water first thing in the morning (even before your coffee!)

It may seem strange to drink cold water in winter, but drinking cold water first thing in the morning helps to get your metabolism going, as your body needs to put in a little extra effort to warm the water to body temperature. Also, drinking water is just always a good idea.

2. Start the day with a high fibre breakfast

Porridge is a great (and warm) option. High fibre foods can see up to a 30% increase in metabolism rates throughout the day, as the fibre molecules take your body extra energy to break down.

3. Embrace those potatoes, beans and grains

We usually think that potatoes and beans are a not-so-healthy winter comfort food, but turns out that resistant carbohydrates that are found in those foods actually increase metabolism, due to being slower to digest. (We arent talking about the chips and cheese-loaded forms of potatoes though).

4. Warm up with a cup of tea

Start your day with cold water, but keep yourself going throughout the day with tea, it will warm you up, hydrate you and give you a boost of energy. Try Zing Green Tea with Roasted Rice for all of the antioxidant benefits of green tea, with a toasty warming flavour from roasted rice kernels.

5. Stay in bed

Who would have thought that spending longer in the cosy comfort of your bed was a good idea. Getting enough sleep is always a good way to keep your body moving properly; the same is true for keeping your metabolism ticking along throughout the day.

With brighter, warmer days just around the corner now is the time to ensure you are walking into spring as fresh as a daisy.