Testimonials – Summer 2015

Testimonials – Summer 2015

Feedback from some happy Zing Tea customers:

“I have tried various teas and none have been as successful as the Slim and Boost Tea!  I have just completed my 2 weeks and lost 2.3 kg – I’m feeling much more energetic and less bloated.”

Vanessa via Facebook


“I am currently halfway through my 14-day program and I am feeling slimmer and more energised!  Your free and quick delivery is very impressive – thank you!”

Wendy via Facebook


“I never thought skinny teas worked, however I thought I would give Zing Tea a go. It has only been two days since I’ve started using the 14 day Zing Tea program (Slim Tea and Boost Tea) and I have already seen amazing results – I’ve lost 1.4kgs so far! Furthermore, because I am a nurse and am constantly running around at work, this uses up a lot of my energy, makes me feel hungry between meals and also tired. However, since I’ve been using Zing Tea I haven’t felt hungry between my three daily meals and I have been feeling energized. I can’t wait to see the end results after my 14 day program. Not only does Zing Tea really work, it only uses natural ingredients and it tastes great too.”



“With a business to run and juggling between family and work, I was feeling a little tired and stressed. I realised I had to take control of my health, so I started Zing Slim Tea and Boost Tea 14 day program. After four days, I feel cleansed and my appetite suppressed (knowing when you are hungry vs snacking) and after 14 days, my skin was looking better too! I feel recharged and believe this has something to do with the tea removing toxins from my body. Coupled with some exercise, I also lost 4kgs. Due to the healthier me, I have been able to have restful nights and have seen my stress levels reduced.”